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Clash of Magic Apk Download Latest Version (Server 1, 2, 3, 4)

Clash of Magic APK Download is among the best private servers of Clash of Clans due to its outstanding features that you will surely like to experience within your game play. Inside the Clash of Magic, you will find 4 different private servers including S1, S2, S3, and S4 that are hosted on high-speed servers to be able to enjoy your game without the lag or bugs.Clash of Magic Apk Download

Clash of Magic works great for Android and iOS devices and you may enjoy unlimited resources including Gold, Gems, and Elixir without waiting long. Inside the original form of Clash of Clans you need to give hours daily to earn resources however with this excellent CoC Magic Apk private server, you could get to the highest level within a matter of minutes. That it was only a small introduction lets discuss overall to features of these servers and then, we can discuss and compare the functions for each server separately. Download to Clash of Light for COC news update.

Features Clash of Magic Apk

  1. Unlimited Gems: You can now produce unlimited quantities of gems in a few minutes without having to struggle and spend a lot of time on this game.
  2. Unlimited Gold: You can also produce unlimited amounts of gold according to your own choice and you don’t need to unlock anything to generate Gold. As you all know Gold is used in a Clash of Clans to increase defense and city halls.
  3. Unlimited Elixir: With this amazing Clash of Magic, you can produce unlimited Elixir that is used to update barracks, army camp, and more.
  4. Unlimited Dark Elixir: Dark Elixir is very similar to simple Elixir, it was the most significant resource in Clan Clashes to build troops. Clash of Magic lets you produce Dark Elixir for free and the dark elixir can also buy dragons.
  5. Fast & Secure Servers: Clash of Magic Apk is hosted on a fast server that ensures gameplay without interruption and the speed of the server is very fast so it doesn’t lag.

How it Works

While you all be aware an original version of Clash of Clans is hosted on supercell servers but Clash of Magic is hosted on High-speed private servers so as to benefit from the game without the interruption. These private servers are 100% safe since they secured from DDOS attacks plus your date is fully secured and encrypted.

Servers of Clash of Magic

Clash of Magic isn’t restricted to only one mode as a result of there square measure varied servers in magic collisions with goals that square measure utterly totally different from one another. So let’s discuss all Clash of Magic servers.

Server 1

This server can facilitate take away restrictions from all resources and it called a black magic server or S1.

Clash of Magic S1

Server 2

This server can provide you with unlimited amounts of Gems, Gold, and Elixir and is additionally referred to as a magic server or S2 hall.

Clash of Magic S2

Server 3

If you are not impressed with the mode customization, this server is only for you and is known as the magic server power. This server is the most popular among all 4 servers because of its features.

Clash of Magic S3

Server 4

This resembles many servers 3 and that is why it is also known as magic server power 2. The above-mentioned server will be available to you in Clash of Magic and each server has its own interests in terms of removing certain restrictions in a clash of clans.

Clash of Magic S4


Clash of Magic is one of the best private servers that allow players to play Clash of Clans with freedom and without giving a lot of time to play. Clash of Magic has more features and add-ons than other CoC servers. You can get unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, and Elixir without buying them with your real money or spending time unlocking these resources. This is a very popular server with millions of downloads worldwide. If this article is useful, it can be shared with your social media or your friends. Thank you for visiting our website.

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