Pandora Premium Windows 10 Download

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Pandora for Windows 10 – I’m excited to announce that Pandora has become available as a totally free app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Being a Group Product Manager at Pandora, I partnered closely with this design and engineering teams to define the functions users would experience along with the appearance and feel on the new app. Using easier access and support for Live Tiles, Pandora provides Windows 10 users a greater personalized entertainment experience.Pandora for Windows 10

Pandora Premium for Windows 10

Designing our app about the Universal Windows Platform would be a great experience for all our team. We feel inside the strength of simplicity-in particular the capability to get to your favorite music as quickly as possible. Windows 10 includes a similar focus on basic and elegant user experiences, which brought a lot of creativity to our own design process.

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For that reason, we had been effective in keeping personalization in the lead also because all you need to do on Pandora for Windows 10 is begin with the naming of each of your favorite artist, songs or genres and we’ll take it from there. It’s simple to create personalized radio stations that play in the music you like on your Windows 10 PC.Pandora Premium for Windows 10

Features Pandora for Windows 10

We complemented our personalized radio stations which has a number of more features, taking advantage of the Windows 10 native set of features whenever possible:

  1. Browse many hundreds of music and comedy genre stations.
  2. See what’s currently playing on the Pandora app Live Tile once you pin the app on your start menu.
  3. Pin your preferred stations for your start menu for quick and simple access.
  4. Skip or play/pause tracks straight from your device’s volume controls.
  5. Display the currently playing track on your own lock screen.
  6. Cortana integration is arriving soon!.

As you have seen, Pandora for Windows 10 is surely an enriched user experience which makes great using the existing features to the OS. The amount of interaction relating to the user and also the app is pure genius, allowing an individual base to perform more using their keyboard compared to they could do otherwise on some other medium for Pandora.

Download Pandora Premium for Windows 10 [Windows Store]

Pandora is surely a go-to solution for your music needs with regards to personalizing the selection of radio stations, Music genre, and lots of other variables that other online streaming services don’t offer. Since Pandora includes a significantly large users list and it is further complemented with all the sizable install base of Windows 10 users, it can be declared that the app carries a great future to the store.

The Pandora app for Windows 10 is available to download at no cost inside Windows Store today for Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Happy Listening!.

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